Experience a different kind of holiday

One more year the festivities of Denia turn our beautiful city into a place to enjoy a wide variety of activities, with centuries of tradition and of great importance for the people of Denia.
The bous a la mar, processions and parades, music and dance are the most representative acts of our festivities; but magic, fireworks, games and gastronomy are also present.
And there is no lack of sports either, traditional sports such as pilota and nautical sports such as sailing and fishing share the limelight with others that have been adopted in recent times but are very popular among our neighbors.
One of the things we like most about our festivities is that they are the most joyful expression of a hard work shared by all of us who live and love Denia, to value the uniqueness, people and traditions of this great city.
Folklore and the sea, cornerstones of who we are, are the basis of our festivities and around them are developed more current activities that always have in common the most emblematic streets and places of the city.
In Boho Suites Dénia, we carry out this task in a more intimate and personal way, through all the senses, through experiences that give us the gastronomy and the relaxed atmosphere of our eternal days and warm nights.
Take advantage of these holidays to get to know us and discover our gastronomic proposal consisting of a tasting menu with local and seasonal products. An innovative market cuisine with strong roots.
Whether you enjoy day or night parties at Boho Suites Dénia we make them better.

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