Where elegance meets simplicity

Our philosophy is based on enjoying the pleasures of life in a natural, sustainable and peaceful way. We always try to offer the best quality in our products, showing exclusivity and elegance in every corner of our personal paradise.

All our suites have been designed to become a space that allows our guests to shed their worries and enjoy their stay with all their senses in a relaxed and vitalist way.

Discover the elegance and comfort of our Bed & Breakfast. Cozy rooms, homemade breakfast, and attentive service await you for an unforgettable experience. Make your getaway a special moment with us!

Bed & Breakfast

Boho Suites Dénia is the result of travels, cultures, research and a lot of passion for good work. A unique fusion of vibrant colors, eclectic textures and handcrafted details, our space offers a cozy and authentic experience for rest and relaxation.

Homemade Breakfast

The personalized breakfasts with fresh, natural, organic products, prepared first hand in an open kitchen, are another example of this new concept of bringing exclusivity to the simple. 8:30H – 10:30H.

Honesty Bar

Relax and enjoy a well-deserved rest in our bar with premium drinks and craft cocktails, cozy atmosphere and the best company.

Boho Relax

Immerse yourself in an oasis of serenity in our Bed & Breakfast, where well-being is a priority. Renew your energies enjoying a relaxing massage in our spa.

Our suites