Guided visit to Les Freses Winery

Celler Les Freses

From Boho Suites Denia we would like to propose you a visit to celler Les Freses. It is a family winery located very close to Denia, specifically in Jesus Pobre.


The owner is Mara Bañó who exudes sympathy and good work for all its strains, bet on viticulture to acquire a farm where in the 70s strawberries were grown, apparently did not work too well, the triumph of Mara was to turn the farm into what is today We know it as celler Les Freses, giving its name to this 100% Muscat of Alexandria wine, which the most prestigious sommeliers have begun to talk about.

Cultivation without irrigation

Mara Bañó explains that the microclimate that is created on the northern slope of the natural park of the Montgó massif The high humidity also leads to the proliferation of pests, so on the advice of biologist Jaume Soler, a staunch defender of the Marina muscatell, they decided to cultivate the vines on trellises, to isolate the plant from the humidity of the soil.

Since its inception, the winemaker Pablo Calatayud, owner of Celler del Roure (Maduresa, Alcusses, Parotet, …) is advising together with his winemaker Paco Senís, the adventure undertaken by Mara Bañó with this white Moscatel. A path also walked together with the wine guru, Tonet Puig, who has put all his energy to mature the project.

A good reflection of the winemaker

The time has come to copy the model of foreign tourists, who are looking for the land they visit to consume its wine and gastronomy. This is a lesson that should be learned by the locals, who prefer commercial wines from other DOs to the wines that are produced in the area where we live and generate wealth. Without underestimating any of the great wines produced in Spain.


Guided tours

Very close to the celler Les Freses, is l’Alt de Benimàquia, considered one of the oldest sites of wine production in the Iberian Peninsula, here, in Dénia, there has always been wine, or almost always since the Iberians.

Celler Les Freses offers us the possibility of knowing how our ancestors made wine, of discovering how history, agriculture and nature come together through wine, this winery turns the passion of making wine into a philosophy and an ethical commitment to the ecosystem.


Who is in?

For a modest price of 10E you can enjoy a guided tour of all its facilities and taste its excellent wines accompanied with some tapas.

Excellent idea to spend a good time surrounded by nature and receive new knowledge.

If you decide to go for it, you can make your reservation through our hotel Boho Suites Denia, or by calling directly to the winery Les Freses 965 78 07 01.


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