A gateway to the Greek islands at the foot of Montgó

We want to thank with this new entry in our blog, the fantastic report that selflessly made our friends of the repsol guide, Yasmina Jimenez(text) and Hugo Palotto(photography).




Its architecture, whiteness and some intense blue evoke the best known corners of the Greek islands of Santorini, Ibiza and even Lanzarote. The fact that the accommodation Boho Suites Denia’ is not in an archipelago, but in the town of Alicante, does not detract one iota of that charm so well brought from faraway places. Even bits of Africa slip into this haven of light where the clocks stop making sense when the brain connects, as soon as you walk through its doors, with all the parameters that represent a beach paradise. However, the concept is for adults only.

The farmhouse that was this lodging was built a century ago. Little remains, beyond the structure, of the old house that was surrounded by almond trees. “The structure is intact. Two of the current rooms were the farmers’ rooms; another room was the old laundry room; the manor house is now occupied by the dining room and three more rooms,” says Mila Simó, one of the owners, and the visible face of the business, who lives on the second floor, which 100 years ago was used as an almond drying room.


The garden maintains the essence of the land of fruit trees, to which have been added spectacular views of the Montgó Natural Park and a swimming pool surrounded by hammocks. In one corner, there is a bar for when thirst calls. Many of the rooms overlook this space, designed to lie down and get away from it all (even the companion, if you wish).



When Mila met the former owner of the farm, an elderly lady whom she even helped to carry the groceries, she didn’t even think she would be able to make her dream come true here. With the help of a capitalist partner and his sister, he ended up setting up the lodging, which initially had six suites, each with its own style, although simplicity and elegance prevailed in all of them. “Then we realized that we needed more rooms because we have a lot of garden, which requires a lot of maintenance and a lot of expense. In the end, we decided to make them in a module that we had prepared for possible events,” explains the owner sitting at sunset in the immense garden.



Mila’s sister, Blanca, is responsible for the decoration, which adds big and small details from the trips they both made. Surprising is the number of corners perfect for taking a selfie, such as the two blue wooden and metal chairs that remind us -without being so- of the ones located in the Casa del Campesino of
César Manrique
in Lanzarote; or those blue doors of the main hall, like those of Santorini. The traditional pink bougainvilleas adorn the whole as they appear in the best postcards of the Greek islands. Walking or resting here, it’s as if you automatically flip the “vacation mode on” switch in your head.



From the very first moment, it is clear that Mila, who has already owned a restaurant, worked in a leisure company and spent some time in Ibiza, is no stranger to the hotel business. When it comes to customer service, he knows what he’s doing. Anticipates customer needs with experienced and accurate steps. When they opened, two years ago now, he thought of a concept that would allow entry to everyone: from families of all types and conditions to pets. “Then the public and the space have been demanding something else, and we have ended up doing it. only adultsHe stresses, without giving too much thought to a concept that is becoming more and more popular everywhere else. “I have children, and I have nothing against children,” he laughs. But it is true that, especially at nightfall, the space cries out for silence.


The tranquility of light

Among the many details that make this place special, there are other little things that make the difference. The rooms -quite spacious, although the garden rooms are a bit smaller-, have those showers with large artichokes that make you dream of Niagara Falls. A luxury, which usually goes unnoticed, and which is appreciated after a day of sun and sand. But perhaps most significant, at least to this writer, is the fragrance of the bed linens and towels. An unexpected floral scent that makes you feel at home in a split second.


In another attempt to always bring you back to summer, wicker or jute occupy a privileged place in ornaments, rugs or basketry. Next to it, the colors of the tajines brought from Morocco stand out. In the main living room, African tones are the main attraction of two paintings that attract attention without saturating the diaphanous space. All surrounded by a changing light as the hours go by, thanks to the whites of the floors and walls.



In the mornings, in the courtyard next to the common areas, a full breakfast awaits those who want to start the day off right. “We serve between local produce and natural things. Seasonal juices, such as orange and carrot juice with ginger, in winter. I usually make the cakes with spelt flour, with panela, so that they are healthier, not so heavy”, says Mila, although she recognizes, at the same time, that at the end she puts “a little bit of the conventional too: cheese, croissants, ham… You have to have a little bit to cater to everyone’s tastes”.



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