Wonderful beaches and coves of Denia and surroundings


In this post, we wanted to include some of the beautiful coves that are in Denia and surroundings. All of them form the names of the rooms that make up Boho Suites Denia, we wanted to take advantage of the wonderful marine environment that gives us the Mediterranean, specifically in the area of the Marina Alta and Baja.

Let’s get to it, get ready to dive into the fantastic coves and beaches that we propose you in Boho Suites Denia.

Arenetes Beach



Blue Flag beach. Its extension is approximately 400 meters.

The Arenetes beach is a rocky cove in the area of Les Rotes (Denia). It is also known as “Final de les Rotes”, and offers one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean and Cape San Antonio that can be seen from Denia.

The Arenetes beach in Denia is ideal for those who flee from the sand. The quality of its seabed is guaranteed as it is included in the Cape San Antonio Marine Reserve. The seabed abounds with gilthead bream, glassy bream, bream, maidens and moray eels; at greater depths (only for divers with the necessary permits) lobsters and large groupers make their appearance.

Punta Negra Beach

Punta Negra Beach Las Rotas Denia

The beach of Punta Negra is especially beautiful for its clear waters and the contrast of the intense blue of the Mediterranean with the brown of the rocks that form it. It is located in the area of Les Rotes in Denia.

Due to the instability of the rocky terrain, it is recommended to go to this beach area with appropriate footwear, both for outdoors and for diving into the water.

This beach is a quiet area that is not overcrowded in the high season of the summer. Due to the type of terrain, there are no sports, children’s or leisure facilities, so it is advisable to enjoy the clarity of its waters and the depths of the sea.

To dive in this rocky cove, you must request a permit in advance at the Tourist Office of Denia.


Punta Negra Beach- Denia


The beach Punta Negra is located in the sector of Les RotesThe rocks turn dark, almost black, and the abundant plant remains from the nearby shallow meadows of the well-known underwater plant known as Posidonia oceanica, speak to us of the enormous natural values that this area of the coast of Alicante treasures. Despite the abundance of buildings, the area is very pleasant for walking and enjoying its transparent waters, very popular with scuba diving enthusiasts. It also has restaurants of great prestige, where you can taste local specialties such as dried octopus or sea urchins.


Granadella cove

The Granadella cove is one of the small treasures of Xàbia. To access the beach there is a steep road that, little by little, shows the beauty that the beach hides. It is taken from the Cabo de la Nao road, approximately two kilometers before reaching it.

La Granadella beach is a small and beautiful cove of gravel and rock located in the southernmost area of Xàbia. An ideal place for scuba diving due to its easy access, abundant information and crystal clear waters. It has been awarded a blue flag since 1987.

Granadella Cove Boho suites Denia

Baladrar Cove

Beach located in Benissa, Alicante. Costa Blanca.
Its extension is 300 meters by 45 meters wide. The average occupancy level is average, except in August, as you can already guess. The usual sea state is moderate swell.

The Cala Baladrar beach is of gravel and pebbles whose clear turquoise blue waters. The posidonia, present in all its waters, indicates the quality and cleanliness of its waters. It is in an environment with pine trees that almost reach the sea. Ideal for swimming, sailing, diving or paddle surfing. In summer it has a small but lively beach bar with live music.

The Baladrar cove is a beautiful gateway to the Mediterranean, dominated by the luminosity, characteristic of our latitudes, with pine trees overlooking the blue and inviting you to a pleasant aquatic excursion.


Baladrar-Benisa Cove


A rocky inlet divides this cove into Baladrar and Goleta. It is originated by the Barranco“dels Sesters“, a boulder ravine. El Baladrar ends in a 30 m cliff. full of grooves caused by the sea from which a rock known as “La Polida” has broken off.

The cove is protected from the easterly winds, and its shallow depth, good water clarity and abundance of life, make it ideal for a beautiful sea walk.

Moraig Cove

It is accessed from the Cumbre del Sol urbanization, after going down a steep slope. It is a paradise for divers, with 250 meters long and 40 meters wide. It is usually very crowded, as it is one of the most popular coves in Alicante.


Moraig-Benitachell cove


At the foot of the Puig Llorença Massif, between cliffs and impressive geological formations, is this wonderful cove of gravel and transparent waters. The exceptional enclave and the color of its waters recreate a paradisiacal landscape and give it a unique charm. The quality of the waters, the environment and the services offered have been endorsed by the Blue Flag certification and the special mention to the rescue and lifeguard service by the Adeac Foundation (2014). In addition to its attractiveness for bathing, next to it there are impressive geological formations such as the Moraig Fault and the Cova dels Arcs, a beautiful aquatic cave that is the exit to the sea of a subway river. A treasure for diving enthusiasts.


Moraig cove - Benitachell- cocoro-

Portixol Cove

Wonderful cove belonging to the term of Javea, especially recommended for nature lovers. Surrounded by trees and crops that practically meet the sea.

One of the best attractions of this cove of Portixol is that we have within reach the Portitxol Island (an islet that reaches 300 meters, of great botanical and archaeological interest).

Next to the beach, there are some small sanitary posts and modest jetties. It is a good starting point to start diving near the island, accompanied, of course, by local guides to enjoy each and every one of the nooks and crannies in its rich seabed.


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